Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekly Update #02

What I’ve been doing (and hope to do next)

This week I finished rewriting the prologue for Slowpocalypse Book 2 – and hopefully not every chapter will be so much work (but the earlier chapters seem to require more than later ones.)

The prologue nearly doubled in length.  I tried to keep it really short – honest, gov’ – but it just didn’t work out that way.  On the positive side, a heretofore minor character gets a moment in the spotlight.

And now I’m working on the rewrite of chapters 1 and 3 (they’re both Kat chapters and go together.)  Hopefully I’ll finish those up over the next week and move on (or back) to chapter 2.

For anyone keeping count, Slowpocalypse Book 2 has 20 chapters (18 regular chapters plus the prologue and epilogue.)  And 7 of those chapters belong to Kat – in case anyone was worried there wouldn’t be enough of her in this book.

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