Friday, October 25, 2013

Q&A #1

My responses to your comments and e-mails

While I haven’t yet gotten any questions or comments from the people I don’t know who’ve bought and read Certain Hypothetical, I have received some feedback.  Family and friends were of course the first to get my book, and I thought I’d share my answers to the questions I’ve gotten.  (Though they seem to want to remain anonymous.)
    I’m putting any spoilers after the break, so I recommend only reading past that if you’ve already read the book.
    Q:  Why ‘Outpost Stories’?
    A:  An outpost is a refuge in an uncivilized foreign land or a hostile environment.  So I’m writing outpost stories.
    Q:  What exactly does FURCS stand for?  (On the back cover it said the ‘FURCS community’ and after reading the book I think I know what it stands for, but it’s never spelled out.)
    A:  It’s the Federal University and Research Complex, and the ‘S’ (as in FURCS community and FURCSnet) stands for Secured.  And while that’s not specified in the story itself, it is in some of the online descriptions.
    Q:  When is the next book coming out? (referring to the sequel to Slowpocalypse Book 2)
    A:  It should be released in the spring of 2014.  Lord willing.

    Q:  Why were these people living in a walled compound while some of their families were living on the outside?  Why didn’t Ken bring his family inside with him?
    A:  The immediate families of FURC employees are assigned living quarters inside the compound, but some don’t want to live there for various reasons.  And that excepts the extended family members as well as the families of students.  Many of those live far away from the FURC anyway and have no desire to move.  And at the beginning of the story, things aren’t so bad that everyone wants to live inside a walled compound with strict security.
    Of course, there’s also the fact that lots of people are determined to stay with their own houses and property, regardless of the circumstances.  Call them stubborn, but Ken is one – part of the reason he left his family behind is because he doesn’t want to give up his home if he doesn’t have to.

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