Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 Progress Report

What I’ve been doing (and hope to do next)

I’m halfway through the rewrite of my next book (the time-travel adventure.)  There will still be revision and editing and proofreading to do, but it now looks like it’ll be ready for publication before the end of the year.  (And I’ll release it as soon as it is ready.)

I also started writing Slowpocalypse Book 2 (the sequel to Certain Hypothetical) and I’m a few chapters into the first draft now.

I’ve been blogging this month about my personal preferences in stories and the effect on my writing, as well as getting into my writing process.  Next month I’ll get more into that with a special five-part series detailing how I develop ideas into books.

Check back in a month, when hopefully I’ll be able to say I’ve been as productive as I have this month.

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