Monday, August 19, 2013

Why I'm Self-Publishing (Part 3)

How I’m publishing my books

I’m a writer so I write, and self-publishing lets me make my stories available to you independently of the traditional system.  It also allows me the freedom to produce my books the way I believe is right (for me and my work.)

I’m doing all I can myself, and it’s been an incredible learning process, even if it’s entailed a lot of time and effort.

First of all, I’m using the modern print-on-demand technology and the services of CreateSpace to publish a trade paperback version of my book – because I prefer books you can hold in your hands and flip through their pages, as most readers still do.  And the trade paperback that CreateSpace produces is a beautiful, quality product.  Even better than that – they automatically distribute books through, enabling me to make Certain Hypothetical (and future books) available to almost everybody.

I could make the print version available beyond just Amazon, but the additional cost per book involved would mean a substantially higher list price – so I’ve decided to keep the paperback exclusive to Amazon, so that I can keep the price lower for you.

As a book lover and consumer, I almost never pay full price for the books I buy (because they always seem overpriced.)  I wait until I can get at least a 20% discount.  Unfortunately, I have no control over what discount Amazon offers on my book, or when, so I’m making the list prices on my books as low as they can reasonably go – so that the ‘full’ price will already be a steep discount.

The industry standard pricing for trade paperbacks is $14-15 (which as an author, I think my books are worth, but as a consumer I wouldn’t want to pay.)  So I’m pricing my novels under$10.  Amazon may sometimes discount it further, and I'm offering blog readers a 25% discount if they want to purchase my books directly from the printer.  The cost to print goes up with bigger books, so if future books are too much longer, the price may have to increase some, but I’ll continue to try and keep the pricing as reasonable as possible.

Because I want people to read and not only enjoy my books, but feel like they’ve gotten a good deal.

Of course, with so many people reading e-books these days, I want to offer my book in digital form as well.  Through Kindle Direct, it’s easy for me to offer e-book versions through Amazon to probably the majority of e-book readers (also at reasonably low prices.)

But unlike with the print versions, I can offer the e-books at the same low price through outlets other than Amazon.  I hope to make an EPUB version available, but I’m still praying about the when and where and how.

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