Thursday, August 15, 2013

Certain Hypothetical is Here

I’m pleased to announce the official release of my debut novel, Certain Hypothetical.

You can get it at Amazon in either trade paperback, or Kindle e-book, and you can take a ‘Look Inside’ at Amazon and start reading the actual book to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy.

The paperback version of Certain Hypothetical is also available straight from the printer at the CreateSpace estore where you can get a 20% discount just because you're reading this - use the discount code N2UW4PYA to get 20% off the list price when you check out (but only at the CreateSpace estore.)

It’s a character-driven adventure story with an SF premise and light suspense – and quite an optimistic tone for its peri-apocalyptic setting.

The secured community supporting the newly established Federal University and Research Complex offers residents a refuge from the gradual decline afflicting most of the country – until Director Jonathan Miles makes a sudden and controversial decision to seal the twelve square mile compound from the outside world.

Everything changes – one day the gradual collapse of civilization touches the FURCS Community, turning their refuge into a prison…
    David Belue accepts a huge responsibility – but he begins questioning the wrong things, putting his life at risk...
    Katherine Miles rushes heedless into danger, confident she can handle anything – with no idea what perils lie ahead...
    And an unknown enemy waits in their midst for just the right moment to betray them all.

Book 1 of the Slowpocalypse series


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