My aim is to write the best books I can, tell my stories the best way I know how, and publish them as professionally as possible.  To make them available at reasonable prices, and to provide a satisfying experience for my readers.  My guiding principle is this version of the golden rule – I want to provide for you what I would enjoy myself as a reader.     
     Which is why I’ve established this web site/blog – not only to make announcements about forthcoming books or special promotions – but for those of you who’ve read any of my stories, I want to hear your feedback about my writing, both positive and negative (to help me keep improving.)  I’m also posting weekly updates, so you can know what I’m currently writing, and how that work is going – what’s coming in the future and when you can expect new books.
     I also post occasional articles.  Some of these are general posts about my approach to writing and the creative process.  Some share my experiences publishing my books.  And others delve specifically into individual stories – ‘making of’ posts that go into detail about how I wrote those stories and why I made some of the choices I made.  (*Since these posts are spoilery, I give plenty of warning, and advise actually reading the books first.)
     If you want to receive regular updates about my work, you can subscribe to have Outpost Stories blog posts delivered right to your e-mail inbox.  Or if you just want to get notifications of new releases, you can sign up for Outpost Alerts.
All of this is based on what I’d like to see if I were in your shoes.  I hope you enjoy this site, and my books, and share your thoughts and opinions so that I can improve both.
Thank you for visiting,
James Litherland

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