A motley assortment of time travelers from the future find adventure in the past.


Book 1 — Millennium Crash

EVERYTHING goes wrong when the first research expedition from the future lands in New York City in the summer of 2000.  Instead of arriving together, the time-travelers are separated and scattered across the ancient metropolis.  Even
worse, the professor in charge of the expedition is killed when he materializes in the middle of a busy street—and the device he carries to take them back home is destroyed in the accident.  Their project in a shambles before they have even started, now they find themselves stranded in the past—and their troubles are only beginning.
     After seeing her mentor die right before her eyes, Team Leader Anya attempts to salvage something from the disaster, starting with rounding up the rest of the travelers.  She doesn’t know it yet, but even that much has already become an impossible task.
     Research Assistant Samantha finds her own team leader just in time to witness one of her colleagues stab him to death.  The only witness to the killing, she chases the culprit through the city—but the murderer has the perfect plan for escaping justice.
     Dazed and disoriented in East Harlem, Team Leader Page is being mugged when graduate student Matt Walker runs to her rescue—but playing the white knight will plunge him into improbable peril and lead him into a trap from which there is no escape.

Read the story behind the story of Millennium Crash.

Book 2 Centenary Separation

—Lost in Time

BELIEVING they’ve fixed the master time-travel device, in 2002 Matt and Page take a test trip ten years into the future with their colleague Turner and his new bride along for the ride—but instead of arriving together, the four are separated and scattered in time.
     Matt and Page both materialize in 1912 San Francisco—only a couple of weeks apart, but unable to reunite.  Turner lands in 1962, in the middle of the desert and with little hope of survival, while his wife Verity is the only one to arrive in 2012—alone, and with no idea what’s happened.
     Anya’s assistant Nye, left on her own in New York City to continue her research without supervision, gets mistaken for a terrorist, while sensible Anya travels back to the summer of 2000 to break all the rules and try to do the impossible—change her own past.

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Book 3 Uncertain Murder

—A Sam and Bailey Mystery

In the summer of 1992, tech billionaire Brandt Keener dies drinking a glass of wine while dining with his nearest if not dearest on his small private island off the Washington coast.  Despite suspicious circumstances and an abundance of motives, the police find no evidence of homicide, and three weeks later the same people who were present at his death gather again for the reading of his will.
    Convinced the man was murdered, time-travelers Sam and Bailey inveigle themselves onto the island to investigate, but soon their best suspects start to die.  Does Keener’s killer have some reason to want them dead as well?  Or could the murdered man’s ghost be seeking revenge?  With Bailey’s help, Sam is determined to find the truth—even if it puts both their lives in jeopardy.

Read the story behind the story of Uncertain Murder.

Book 4 — Prohibited Activities

—A Matt and Page Adventure
COURTING their way through the nineteen twenties, time-travelers Matt and Page just want to enjoy the Jazz Age, but between corrupt cops and agitating anarchists, their concern quickly turns to making it to the thirties.

Book 5 — (Projected Release: Summer 2018)

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