While the world outside is falling apart, the people inside the FURC are all on their own.  These brave men and women fight to build a better future even as civilization crumbles around them.


Book 1 — Certain Hypothetical

EVERYTHING changes when FURC Director Jonathan Miles seals the fourteen square mile compound home to the Federal University and Research Complex and the community that supports it, cutting them all off from the slowly crumbling civilization on the outside—and making them a target of those who want the facilities for themselves.
     The director’s daughter Katherine returns to work for FURC Security with a promotion because of the crisis, eager to face any challenge—but as tensions among the residents rise, she encounters greater peril than she had imagined.
     David Belue gives up his classes to help install additional defenses, but his curiosity leads him to discover a threat inside the community, endangering his life—because an enemy within waits for just the right moment to betray them all.

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Book 2  Threat Multiplication 

—A Perfect Storm

MYSTERIOUS power outages, disrupted communications, and a rash of illness among the guards are only the beginning.  Soon FURC Security Chief Anthony Nelson and his small, mostly inexperienced staff are overwhelmed by the hacking of the local network, the contamination of the food supply, and a seemingly impossible murder.
     Rookie David Belue is trying to solve one of those mysteries when he comes under investigation himself, because he’s one of the few who had the means and a motive to murder.  Which makes Officer Lisa Courdray’s job much more difficult—now she has to prove her own partner innocent while also uncovering a hidden saboteur within the community.
     Lt. Katherine Miles can’t help—she’s far from the FURC on a secret mission and unable to contact them with a warning.  If she can make it back at all, she’ll be bringing even more trouble along with her.

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Book 3  Compromised Inside


—Beware the Gravity Bug

SEALED off from the crumbling civilization outside, the residents of the FURC may be safe from external threats, but their isolation only speeds the spread of a dangerous new infection, even as an upcoming election exposes divisions among them.  And the fourteen square mile compound may not be big enough to prevent the pressure from building into violent upheaval.
    Illness lays low Security Chief Anthony Nelson when he’s needed the most—as the crisis grows critical, will he jump back into the fray before he’s fully recovered?  Lt. Katherine Miles has her own issues, but with Tony out of action, dealing with everyone else’s problems is distracting her from the real danger.
    Caroline Sanderson runs in the election hoping to keep the community from falling apart, but she’s unprepared for what her rivals will do to win.  Meanwhile, David Belue helps Dr. Amita Harker investigate the virus sweeping the FURC.  Will the escalating epidemic eliminate everyone—or will they destroy themselves first?

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Short Story #0.5  Durable Impressions

—From Protected to Protector

As civilization has slowly crumbled, Katherine Miles has led a life of privilege—but also one of preparation.  Now, under the ominous shadow of a society coming apart at the seams, her mettle will be tested for the first time.
    This prequel short story is a triptych that portrays how Kat became a hero.

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Books 1-3 Omnibus — Starting the Slowpocalypse

—The first 3 Slowpocalypse novels plus the prequel short story in one massive volume.

When FURC Director Jonathan Miles makes the decision to seal the compound containing the first Federal University Research Complex to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor, he starts a chain of events hastening the collapse of an already crumbling civilization, putting the FURC community in peril. And his daughter Kat fights to protect them as they struggle to build a better society while the old one is falling apart around them.

Book 4Peripheral Encounters

—An Enlightening Expedition
SENT to scout the area surrounding the FURC, what Kat and Tony find among the crumbling remnants of civilization convinces them that for all the challenges they’ve faced inside the compound, they’ve had it easy.  Hoping to help some of the survivors, they encounter difficulty and danger—but the real risk they run arises from a secret aspect of their mission Tony hasn’t shared with his partner, a gambit that will put the pair in extreme peril from a ruthless enemy.

Book 5 — A stand-alone novel set in the Slowpocalypse universe (projected release: Spring 2018)

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