You can send me a message (via email) using the form in the right-hand sidebar, or simply add a comment to any of my blog posts (or even this page, if you have questions about sharing your feedback.)  Goodreads is also a good place to leave your thoughts, and now I’m participating in their Ask the Author program – meaning you can ask me questions about my writing right on my profile page.  Please feel free to ask any questions you have (here or there) and express your opinions (positive or negative – the criticism will help me improve.)  Even a short review that says something about what you did and/or didn’t like will be greatly appreciated.
      I’ll be reading it all, and if it’s something that calls for an answer or response from me, I may do that briefly in one of my weekly updates or at length in one of my regular posts – if I think other readers may be interested and want to include everyone in the conversation.  If you send a message by email and don’t wish your message to be published on the blog, please indicate that in the message itself – otherwise I reserve the right to share part or all of your message with the other readers.  If I publish part or all of it, I’ll attribute it according to the name you provide (but I will NOT share or publish anyone’s email address.)
As for post comments, I’m doing the work of moderating them – so please be patient if it takes a couple days for your comment to appear.
      Please be aware – I’ll be deleting all spam, as well as any comments containing obscenities or personal attacks *on anyone*.  You can express any opinion you have, but there’s no need for incivility.  Show respect for others, and everything will be good.
      Also, I’ll delete any comments that are irrelevant, simply to keep the place from getting cluttered.

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